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How to get a fresh burger everytime!.

Posted by: Matt ( Australia ) on October 31, 1999 at 18:27:22:

This is the secret of how to get a great fresh burger everytime.
Firstly don't ever eat a standard menu Item - They are never fresh. Ask to have a special burger made, just an extra slice of cheese will require them to cook it fresh. Never go through drive thru when you do this, as they will pull an old Burger out of the production bin,(Warmer), and just slap extra cheese on it. You have to go in to the store and ask for take away. Do not ask for Eat in as they will send you off to a seat and say they will bring the burger around to you and you will suffer the same fate as the Drive thru customer. Insist that you want take away and stand there at the counter and watch them. I have had a burger in One and a Half minutes this way.

Secondly - and this is the most important part - if You get a great fresh burger ring the Manager immediately after and tell him you are the person you had the special burger made and you are ringing because your meal was great and fresh. Then tell them that you would like to thank them and get them to pass on your thanks to their staff. If you do this Two or Three times them Managers will get to know you and will look after you extremely well.

Thirdly if you continue to get fresh food over a period of a few weeks have a word to the manager one day and tell them that you are very impressed with their professionalism and customer service and you would like to pass on a compliment to the McDonalds's head office. After you do this they will fall over backwards to help you. They will even cook Fries especially foor you to coincide with the making of your burger so that ALL your meal is fresh.

I used to just complain when things were not right and never let them know when they were doing the right thing. It got to the stage where I was very badly abused by a manger in front of a store full of people. So I changed my tact and it has been working very well ever since.

Don't forget you still have to let them know when things are not to your standards and let them know what they can't get away with.

I also believe that if the Store is beyond hope this will not work and you might have to try a different store to get results.

Anyway go ahead and try it and if it works you will find that fresh McDonald's food is actually quite good.


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