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Would love more detailed information to fight back internationally

Posted by: Maria ( Quebec-Canada ) on November 01, 1999 at 14:30:19:

In Reply to: Mexico Union Harmed by McD posted by SS on October 29, 1999 at 18:04:06:

I'm very involved in international solidarity movements and have been involved in the labour movement here. Unfortunately for the moment McDonalds have succeeded in crushing all the union organising drives at their branches in Ontario and in Quebec - I believe there is a McDonalds unionised in British Columbia where there is a New Democrat (Labour) government, but I may be mistaken. I'd love to hear more about the Mexican workers' fight against McDo.
Our idea of Mexican food has been deformed by both imported culinary habits (frying) and by fast-food deformations thereof, but the diet of the Native Mexicans, based on beans, corn and vegetables was actually a very healthy one. Remember we owe most of our beans (except broad beans), corn (maize), tomatoes, peppers and squash to Native American peoples!

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