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Are McD Potatoes Putting Tons of Nitrates Into Soil

Posted by: SS ( BMC, USA ) on November 03, 1999 at 13:20:12:

The US' National Public Radio reported this morning that the
Lord of the Fries is Ron Offutt of Minnesota, who in manufacturing
potatoes in sandy soil puts 100,000 tons of nitrogen into the soil
which ends up as carcinogenic nitrates in the drinking water,
5 times the allowable rate. Does anyone know if he supplies to
McD and does McD use genetically altered potatoes? Please reply
to piglib@yahoo.com

McSpotlight: Here in the UK, McDonald's have declared themselves not to be using any GM products, but that's mainly because they wouldn't sell anything here if they didn't; the situation in the rest of the world may be different.

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