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Posted by: Jessica ( Canada ) on November 07, 1999 at 22:12:28:

Hello. Thank you for the feedback concerning address information. I found Tommy Atkins' message containing the link to the McDonald's "complaint form" page. However, I am somewhat surprised to find that there are no postal addresses (anywhere on the Internet) or the addresses of their PR representatives. I've noticed that there are many concerned consumers that visit this site who have a lot to say about "what's wrong" with McDonald's and why they are a "bad" corporation. However, I personally feel that something proactive must be done to let them see that we are just not "bashing" them, but that we are educated and have something constructive to say. For me, letter-writing is one such way people can voice their concerns directly to policy-makers. It allows you to both express concern about a particular policy, and also to provide alternate suggestions as to what they can do to improve their policies. A lot of the problems I see with this "complaint" form is that complaints aren't really going to do anything other than annoy the people on the other side.
Therefore, although I am happy I've FINALLY found somewhere I can write to, I would much prefer writing an actual letter and sending it in the mail. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can find this information? Oh, and by the way, who IS the President of McDonald's? Their website is so vague and watery - there is no solid information on who their corporate members are, or phone-numbers of regional representatives...etc. It seems like their corporation is so huge that no one really knows where it starts and where it ends.


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