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it happens A LOT OF THE TIME HERE.

Posted by: Matt ( Australia ) on November 10, 1999 at 10:19:53:

In Reply to: After 20 minutes posted by HillBilly on November 08, 1999 at 09:17:16:

: At our store we were asked (not forced) to sign aggreements that we would not roll timers by the store owners.

: Leaving burgers in the production bin for 50 minutes is stupid. I will admit i have left burgers in the production bin for longer then 10 minutes, but not 50 minutes.

: After 20 minutes lettace in the bigmacs and chickens start turning brown and the sauce starts going off.

: If the managers are leaving the burgers in there for up to 50 minutes they should be reported.

: Anyway its not as bad as HJ/BK who keep there meat patties up for an hour and a half.

Thanks for getting back to me Hillbilly.

It is interesting to hear that you had to sign forms to say that you would not falsify timers.

In regards to the managers who were leaving burgers in the production bin for up to 50 minutes it happens A LOT OF THE TIME HERE. Everytime I have experienced this I have made an official complaint to the the store manager and then to the head office in Sydney.

I live in Canberra and there are just not enough people here to eat all the burgers that are cooked, (except at peak times), so food just stays in the production bin.

I worked at McDonald's for One and a half years and honestly only saw burgers thrown out at the end of the night. This is the dead set truth as I used to look at the waste sheet and before the end of the night it was always blank for the whole day but after close it had some entries on it. By the way I worked the filet station so I was not the cause.

Have you ever heard of Mcdonalds using mystery customers?. Someone on this site, who lives in Australia, says that all stores have mystery customers who comes in and have a meal and then evaluate their visit. I have never heard of these mystery cutomers. I know Hungry Jacks has them though.

Ragarding Burger King/Hungry jacks I always demand that my food is cooked fresh there and usually have to send burgers back up to Four times before I actually get a fresh one!.

Anyway what part of the country are you in?.

Did you hear that Mcdonald's in America is now cooking food to order?


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