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Papers on McDonalds?

Posted by: Brian ( Canada ) on November 17, 1999 at 17:56:25:

I am a University Student working on a major paper dealing with McDonalds as a whole. I'm dealing primaraly with the political and economic influences McDonalds has on goverments and global economies. I would appreciate if any has written or knows where I can read/aquire a paper on McDonalds. I have no intent on plagerizing or paraphrasing anyones work just to help me grasp a topic that has many different angels and approaches.

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Please email if yo uhave anything of interest


McSpotlight: If you want to look around McSpotlight - specifically, the issues page, you can find a very large amount of information; in fact, McSpotlight probably has more information on McDonald's business activities than anywhere else on the Web. So look around...

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