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when i was a child...

Posted by: mishelle ( america ) on November 18, 1999 at 08:31:25:

when i was a child there was this place i loved to go called peties. some of my best memories took place there. it was owned by a "little man" who dedicated his life to his buisness and his dreams of just making people happy. i stopped by there for a drink not to long just to say hi and see if he still remembered me, but to my suprise, the place was torn down. I went to a nearby store to see what had happened. no, he didnt die, he didnt go out of buisness, he just couldnt afford the rent anymore. someone had topped him off. have you guessed who? thats right, folks! MCDONALDS! you know, sometimes its not really even a matter of killing innocent animals or destroying our precious earth. do you really want to live in a world thats lack of color or culture, where the buisness has a different manager every month, where the only thing that matters is who can get to the top faster, where your going to get a cheap imitation of the real thing? i personally like it better here on the bottom! im not saying that MCDONALDS is bad. they do employ alot of people. Im just saying that the next time your faced with the decision of where to go, you'll keep the small buisnesses in mind. thats what keeps us human.

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