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Posted by: Mayhem ( Ireland ) on November 18, 1999 at 12:03:56:


I'm new to this site and have not, and probably will not, read every article on it. However I am a bit confused about it's purpose. On the surface it looks like a site set up to critisise McDonalds, however if one burrows a bit deeper under the surface it is for all intents and purposes just another anti-big corporation site. McDonalds is just being used as a symbol of anything to do with consumer industry or capitalism. They seem to be the victim of choice seeing that everybody will be confronted with the big yellow M on a regular basis.
My grievance with this kind of attitude is that even though these "freedom fighters" against mass-consumerism pretend to be fighting for the good of the "people" (if such a entity ever existed), in reality they are limiting the freedom of choice of those same people. It is all a matter of taking responsibilty for your own actions, the only person responsible for your actions is YOU!! If someone goes to McDonalds for a burger and fries, that is because they decide to, not because McDonalds has brainwashed them. Even brilliant advertising only goes so far.....
And as far as McDonalds being responsibel for the cutting down of rainforest and other not so environmentally friendly actions? Well if nobody went to McDonalds they would not sell any products, hence they would not use any resources. But as long as people make the decision to go there, they will have to use those resources. So again we are back to the individual. If you need to attack something, attack the individual for creating the demand for these services. Anyway, it just get majorly pissed of with this sanctemonious blame shifting that people of the kind that run this site seem to wallow in. Get a life and look at the real sources of all the shit that goes on in the world. You will see that it lies with you, me and every seperate individual!

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