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stand up and make a mc change

Posted by: robblerobble on November 20, 1999 at 10:42:45:

i am in total agreement with some of you. multinationals have gone too far. they are becomeing too commonplace and robbing people of choices and variety.

not intentiionally im sure. but that is what is happening regardless of thier motive, which not surprisingly is money.

i would like to urge all of you to slow down and skip the fast food lane. invest your hard earned money into small mom and pop joints, what few there are left. where you will recieve real hospitality more likely than apathetic employees.

theres nothing more i can do rather than express to you over this forum my small minded beliefs.

everywhere i look i see land being bought up further and further out into previously rural communities and you bet, a mcdonald will pop up.
big chains that you can excuse as "providing jobs"" for people. but they also provide us with that inpersonal environment resulting from employees who dont care.

maybe that's just my opinion.

well it's crappy food too. better to pay a few bucks more and get areally good meal. show businesses what we really want and maybe they will start to provide us with better products.

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