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hardest job: smallest amount of respect

Posted by: susan sugar baker ( ny, united states ) on November 21, 1999 at 19:22:34:

i worked at mcdonalds for close to a year. it was the hardest job i ever had. the cooking process was awful and sanitation was a big issue. the amount that mcdonalds charges for the food that is received is outrageous. all of this is besides the point. mcdonald is the worse job i ever had because of the public. they made it seem as if the employees were the lowest of the low. we got treated with no respect. we constantly got yelled and cursed at by the public.

my point is this: just because a person is working in a fast food restaurant doesn't mean that they are uneducated or with out feeling. i now have a master's degree in economics and i work for a fortune 500 company. now i am treated with respect, even though i am the same person i was then.

so to whom ever reads this, the next time you venture to a fast food restaurant, treat the people with respect. they are working hard for a small amount of money. the last thing they need is to feel less than...

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