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Rightly or not, respect is something you pay for.

Posted by: Hugh Morris ( What's that fly doing in my soup?, USA ) on November 22, 1999 at 10:34:53:

In Reply to: Wnat has happened to SERVICE? posted by Leah on October 04, 1999 at 11:08:18:

: Morris,
: One thing I have noticed is that all you were arguing about was the fact the girl didn't get her cheese, well, blah! blah!.
: What has happened to real service?
: Why are customers just treated as dollars?

Morris: A stranger isn't going to "serve" you because he likes you. You'll have to forgive me if the prospect of "serving" customers doens't bring me to orgasm. If I liked serving my fellow man, I'd be volunteering my services at any number of charitable organizations, all of which are more deserving than any fast feeder. If the stranger has a personal stake in your "service" (i.e. MONEY), the service improves.

: Some may argue that we get what we pay for, I think that is rubbish. All humans deserve to have good food with good service.

Morris: In some parts of the world, if you want a hamburger, you have to kill it and cook it yourself. I suspect that the legions of homeless people slurping down bowls of soup at homeless shelters aren't so picky about the quality of the service, just the quantity.

: We get it- if we're lucky and that is not how it ought to be.
: These days if the workers stuff up our orders we basically just get told, here, have a free cheeseburger and GET LOST! Isn't that the truth!
: They don't REALLY care, they just want to shut us up.

Morris: All right... we'll have the restaurant closed, burned to the ground, the ashes covered in reinforced concrete eight feet thick so that it may not be rebuilt, the employees fired and blacklisted so they can never work again, and the manager and the suits from the regional office publicly hanged! Would that be satisfactory? Or, maybe you'd be satisfied with tears? Really, there is no recourse that's satisfactory. An "I'm sorry" from the manager would probably be met with "Oh, bullshit!" from the slighted customer. The coupon for the free cheeseburger is given in the hopes that the customer will add some fries and a Coke to complete the meal. Again, the employees and management have no reason to care, since their meager paychecks will not be affected by your abscence.

:Multinationals kill off all the competition, reduce to diversity of products, reduce our choice and then monopolize the world. They are so selfish.

: I think the era of Ronald Mcdonald is slowly dieing. This is because people want more than a few dead fries and minced dog for a burger,
: people want personal service, they want REAL food, they want variety and they want freedom from Multinationals' constant advertising.
: Mcdonalds ought to give us what we, as consumers, really desire.
: If not, roll over and die!

Morris: No more Ronald... That might be a nice idea, but why are so many people willing to compromise their high standards of service and keep giving their money to the omnipotent clown anyway? They must be at least somewhat satisfied with the lack of "service." Until the consumers revolt in the way you describe, Ronald isn't going anywhere.

Hugh Morris

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