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Let's fight systems that don't allow people to think for themselves.

Posted by: Jes ( USA ) on November 24, 1999 at 13:33:31:

In Reply to: Hey McSpotlight.... posted by Ted on October 20, 1999 at 01:09:13:

: : Dionne, we allowed you to use this board and air your views because we believe in free speech, even if it disagrees with us and our point of view. In this, we differ from McDonald's; who have repeatedly tried to silence critics with the threat of libel suits. Consider that...

Has McDonald's attempted to silence critics....or.....people who don't have any actual facts.....I have recently seen some works handed out that came form this site. Do you realize that not once did I see a reference as to where you got your information? Now aren't you trying to get a bunch of mindless people to follow you? Any person who could think for themself would question where you pulled your facts from. Forget trying to rip apart McDonald's... a company that makes education a top priority. Let's go after the systems that attempt to suck people in to believing and following something that they made up in their spare time.....Let's fight systems that don't allow people to think for themselves. You may just want to check yourselves......

McSpotlight: If you want references, you might care to check out the McLibel court transcripts; you can find it by following this link. Since there's over 30,000 pages of evidence given in a court of law, it may take you some time to read through it, but you should realise pretty quickly that much of our information comes from McDonald's themselves.

If you've looked through all of McSpotlight and not seen any references, you really should pay a visit to your local optician.

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