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life could not exist if there was no bacteria.

Posted by: Daniel ( Australia ) on November 25, 1999 at 12:27:26:

In Reply to: you dont know what your on about posted by A.D on November 21, 1999 at 19:16:32:


: : : not all meat contains bacteria..stupid,

: : 1) Bacteria is EVERYWHERE, AND ALL MEAT DOES CONTIAN BACTERIA, if it didn't, i> it would never go off ii> it would never decompose

: 1.you are still wrong not all meat contains bacteria

No, YOU are wrong. All meat contains bacteria, life could not exist if there was no bacteria. Most bacteria merly break down stuff and are harmless, but some can cause people to get ill.

: : : but if i does it does died when its cooked

: : 2) That is also INCORECT, you can not expect to kill ALL bacteria, and there are bacteria that "LOVE" very hot tempretures.

: bacteria loves moist WARM areas or temp

: "when meat is heated or boughtt to its extrenial temp, the bacteria is killed instantly. if it is not cooked or heated to the right temp the
: bacteria begins to re-grow.1" Britanica Encylopedia

No, only MOST bacteria will die at these temps. some bacteria THRIVE at VERY HIGH TEMPS. You WONT find much of this bacteria though, if you find any.

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