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The TRUTH will prevail

Posted by: Daniel ( Australia ) on November 25, 1999 at 12:28:02:

McDonalds HATES the truth.
They also don't care at all what it means.

Should we try and be NICE to each other?

I am not just talking here about McDollars, but abut EVERY person in the world that is like them. Anyone who lies in court, YES! Clinton can be a BAD man. He thinks that because he is the presadent he is INVINCIBLE.

The same principal is with McDonalds. They market Around the world, they can get away with murder because they are INVINCIBLE. Because little brain-washed kids stand up to their parents and say "I WANT MCDONALDS".

Is then the truth buried?
There is no hiding the truth, just hiding/denying it.
And they can only hide it for so long.

Understand all who read this.

They are NOT invincible, they CAN be defited, but only with the TRUTH.

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