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McDonald's has degraded itself beyond belief

Posted by: Dave Hunter ( USA ) on December 02, 1999 at 10:52:03:

Everytime I go to McDonald's I tell myself, "It's the last time!". from dirty, filthy restaurants to incompetent workers, it's the worst of all the fast food chains. Several Sundays ago, we stopped on the way to church and "tried" to order one Egg McMuffin with canadian bacon and one suage and egg McMuffin. They had Mexicans working who could not understand English! We received one Egg McMuffin with regular bacon and one suage biscuit. I shook my head and drove on!

This is not an isolated incident. EVERY TIME I go to one, something similar happens.

To the owners of McDonald's......you better wake-up! You are getting left behind because of poor management, filthy restaurants, and incompetent personnel. I know it's hard to hire good people, but your competitors like Chick-Fil-A have workers ten times more competent!

McSpotlight: Alternatively, you could just not go there; and, like, cook for yourself. You could even eat healthy food.

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