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Its McBlood, McVampire and McCrazy.

Posted by: ed-gee on December 08, 1999 at 11:11:03:

In Reply to: Meat posted by Lini on December 02, 1999 at 16:18:35:

Eating meat is a sin if one could avoid it or one knows that it isnt neccesary. I keep hearing, from the deer hunters, how store beef is 50% fat and deer is 5% fat. Its McBlood, McVampire and McCrazy. Imagine the butcher, with blood stains all over, at least he's honest about it and doesnt hide in a clown suit. In these days of the new millenium, McDonalds is on the way out. You don't have to go down on the sinking ship...jump ship and clean up your fatty french fry ways. Start hipshaking and not milkshaking. I McDonalds wasnt so big and dumb they could CHANGE and still be cool, but they dont listen, they dont care...just keep preaching like ol Oral Roberts...no one listens anymore cause its old school bullshit (McDonalds that is). I dont believe in McD, I dont even see it anymore...McD's is old fashioned bad food (period)

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