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If you really care for animals, do not use them.

Posted by: Cindy ( USA ) on December 10, 1999 at 00:30:44:

In Reply to: Confused posted by Hal on December 06, 1999 at 11:26:19:

Does it really matter what they have done to reduce suffering? Remember one thing: This company relies on the murder of millions and millions of animals. The bottom line is MONEY. If you really care for animals, do not use them. For ANY REASON. Any industry that makes money off of animals most likely don't give a damn about their comfort. The faster they produce their products, the less money they pay out to their workers for their time and the bigger their profits. Stop expecting industries like McDonald's and any other that uses animals to really consider the animal's feelings and comfort. These corporations don't give a damn. If they did, they'd stop producing animals only to KILL THEM for MONEY. These people are evil. You really think they even care about their fellow human beings? Yeah, right! If they could have it their way, every human on this earth would be eating Mcdonald's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wow, just imagine how much money that would appear in their pockets. Like they give a shit that their tortured, murdered, bad for our health animal products is terrible to our health, let's not forget that they also couldn't care less for our environment. But, I guess we deserve it in the end. Look at the way we are treating each other(humans and animals). Evil does not come without consequences. God made sure of that, didn't he? Good for him.

: I've been reading on and off about McLibel and McD's current policies and practices (mainly animal welfare) for a few months. I recently visited their site to see what they had to say about this. Although it was by no means exhaustive, it did have a section with Dr. Temple Grandin (an expert in humane handling of animals) commenting that McD's has improved its standards in the stunning of animals. She states, "I have been in this field for more than 25 years, and I have never seen such a transformation. It's extremely gratifying."

: On the other hand, they had no information about how they are adequately providing humane conditions and slaughter of chickens. Although I wish I were more informed about these issues, I find I don't have the time to wade through all of the information on this site. Could someone possibly condense it for me, and briefly explain the situation on McD's and how they rate on animal welfare?

: Thanks.

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: McSpotlight: As far as we're aware, they've done nothing really significant in the two years since the McLibel verdict; I don't know which plant they showed Dr. Grandin. PETA have been lobbying McDonald's ever since the McLibel verdict to improve their slaughterhouse conditions; when they finally realized that McDonald's were not making any significant changes to policy, they started up their own protest campaign and web site. And, after all, it was chickens that McDonald's was found to be guilty of cruelty to.

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