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it is not the worst job that i have ever had to do.

Posted by: Lini ( Leeds England ) on December 15, 1999 at 17:25:39:

In Reply to: Prehaps posted by HillBilly on December 09, 1999 at 10:24:40:

I work for McDonalds and although the job is very hard at times as we are the busiest store in Leeds it is not the worst job that i have ever had to do.
I have worked in a lot of places such as the Market in Leeds for 1.46 an hour with a boss that fires you for not standing at the till all day and making you work in the winter all day even though there are no customers, I have also worked in a Fish and Chip shop for just over 1.00 an hour and that was hard work as it was a restaurant and I was only 13 years old. So with my back ground I can't understand why you feel that it is the worst job because believe me there are worst jobs.

Please would you write to me as in Leeds we have a works Committee and I am our stores representative and I would like to know from you what you hate the most.

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