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Posted by: MDG on December 15, 1999 at 17:26:27:

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: Hi I work in Mcd's and I know that all of our meat is cooked on a grill and that I see our staff cooking the burgers every day and that all the meat is grilled and not fried, do they do this at your store or is this happening all over your Country.
: Could you please post a follow up and tell me your answer I would like to hear more.
: Thanks Lini

I once had the misfortune of working for an international fast food burger joint. We "cooked" our burgers as follows: 1) pry the thin frozen patty off the pile of other frozen patties; 2) put in on the conveyor belt moving off the "flame broiler;" 3) give it about 30 seconds, so that the grease on the outside gets nice and dark, creating the illusion of full cooking; 4) put in on the bun with fixings, stuff into the drawer, and serve it some time later (who knows, depends on demand) to the unsuspecting customer. Salmonella, anyone?

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