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why not protest the cattle industry?

Posted by: Teresa ( USA ) on December 21, 1999 at 18:53:39:

In Reply to: Why do so many McD's employees visit McSpotlight? posted by anti_ronald on December 21, 1999 at 11:12:58:

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: : McSpotlight: Care to examine the evidence we have here on McSpotlight?

: Q: Why do so many McD's employees visit McSpotlight?
: A: Because of the strangle hold Ronald McDonald has on their insignificance lifes causing them to be arguemenative with those whom oppose their Furher,so they defend the lies of McD's. Refer to Hitler and Nazi Germany and you shall see resounding similarities between that and Ronald McDonald and McD's.
: Leave Flick alone, at least her head is screwed on and she's standing up against McD's to be counted.

I used to work for McDonald's. I was a store manager, and I can assure you that no one stresses quality like McDonald's. McDonald's takes many steps to ensure that when you buy a sandwich from them that you are getting a safe, quality product. If you want to protest what the cows are being fed, why not protest the cattle industry? Who is to say that the beef you buy in the supermarket is any safer than that that you get at McDonald's or any other fast food market?

As to the comment about McDonald's employees: McDonald's has employed many people over the years and assisted them in achieving their goals and careers. You would be surprised at how many successful people began their working lives at McDonald's. McDonald's has much to offer employees:
**flexible schedules, which allows employees to go to school or college or be home with their children
**Training- McDonald's has an outstanding training program, which includes business management courses. Many people, myself included, have taken their courses and applied them to other careers.
**Student Assistance - McDonald's sponsors many programs that provide financial assistance to students. Many owner/operators provide bonus incentives to students who do well in school,and some even pay their employees to do homework!

Why is it that when you are on the top everyone feels the need to try to knock you down? It would seem to me that you would have better things to do then to degrade others. Instead concentrate on what you do best and "sell yourself." Then you will succeed in whatever you do because you become a positive thinker!

McSpotlight: It should be pointed out that it was McDonald's who sued the McLibel defendants; it was also McDonald's who hired people to break into the London Greenpeace office; it was also McDonald's who unlawfully obtained confidential police records to try and prosecute the McLibel defendants.

As for quality, let the McDonald's-employed expert witness do the talking...

A UK 'McFact' card states: "every consignment of beef arriving at the [McKeys] meat plant is subject to a total of 36 quality control checks, carried out by a team of qualified technologists. If a consignment should fail on any one check, it will be rejected by McDonald's." All the raw beef consignments are microbiologically tested, and categorised as 'satisfactory', 'passable', and 'unsatisfactory'. David Walker (Chairman of McKeys, the sole supplier of the company's UK hamburgers) stated that 'unsatisfactory' relates to beef which has a total colony of more than 10 million bacteria per gram. He then admitted that such consignments are, in fact, not rejected and are used for McDonald's burgers.

Taken from our Great McQuotes page.

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