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The people who dress up as Ronald

Posted by: Teresa ( USA ) on December 21, 1999 at 18:55:55:

In Reply to: 'Dress up as Ronald?' I hear it's not a costume. posted by MDG on December 07, 1999 at 17:44:40:

: : I heard that McDonalds use different people to dress up as Ronald McDonald. Is this appalling lack of respect for its customers true??

: I hear that the men who go around acting as Ronald McDonalds don't dress up at all -- that really, they are men who from the day they were born were only fed McDonalds food, and that as a result of all this toxic garbage, their skin turns pasty white (from eating toxic dead flesh) and their hair flaming orange (all those chemicals, plus high blood pressure from too much sodium). Their ever-present grins are the result of brain damage stemming from crappy nutrition. Poor souls, the only employment they can get is as "clowns."

The people who dress up as Ronald are specially trained for the job. Each region has their own Ronald, who has attended a school. Restaurants may request appearances (which they have to pay for as part of local store marketing)in their store. When Ronald comes to visit, he does not identify himself as Ronald until after he is is in costume. The majority of the employees don't even know who Ronald is. Note: you cannot just rent a costume for Ronald, while the other McDonaldland characters do have costume rentals available.

McSpotlight: We have an interview with Geoffrey Guiliano; a former Ronald McDonald; click the link to go to it.

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