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Please Stop World Bank Cattle project

Posted by: SS ( BMC, US ) on December 29, 1999 at 10:55:11:

We feel that your announced intention to fund
cattle projects in China and elsewhere violate the spiritual
beliefs of Franciscan monks, Seventh Day Adventists, many Hindus
on your staff, Buddhists, Jains, Wesleyites, Talmudic Jews etc.
This was posted at http://www.worldbank.org

Dear family, A holy millenium for all beings.
McDonald's has wanted to claim local meat supply for its outlets.
Is McDonald's a factor in the World Bank's decision to attempt
to fund a 200 million dollar cattle ranch in China? Please let
them know your feelings. The following is one of the comments
posted at their site:

The cattle industry creates famine through deforestation, through
promoting the destruction of trees yielding 400,000 lbs of food
per acre at little energy expenditure. It also creates heart disease,
cancer, food poisoning (many more deaths in the U.S. than
car crashes, alcohol, guns, and tobacco combined). May Allah, Shiva,
Jesus, Buddha, Kwon Yin, God by all names end this now.

McSpotlight: Uh, we aren't McDonald's; nor are we in any way supported by them.

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