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Posted by: Kalvin Chapman ( England ) on December 29, 1999 at 11:01:35:

I know that I have left many messages on here regarding this, but I really need the help of EVERYONE that reads this.
At the trial of McDonalds v. Steel & Morris, the judge ruled that McDonalds exploit children through advertising. We, that is Dave Morris (one of the defendants) and I wrote to the ITC asking if they would stop McDonalds adverts to children, after all all adverts to children are banned in Sweden. They refused, saying that they don't have to listen to the judge, his opinion is merely his opinion!

McDonalds have said that it is not their responsibility. So, it is now our collective responsibility to help save the future health of the children of the planet. So, I am asking every one that reads this to email me (kpchapman@hotmail.com) to get the letter to send to the itc. You can download it direct from the opening of this website.
You can help by doing this because the ITC have a legal duty (s. 93 of the Broadcasting Act) to act upon things said by the general viewing public. So, again, please help. Please get the letter. Please send it in. Dave and I are needing as much public support as we can get. It is important, and you can help a lot by doing this.



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