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Mother Theresa on McD Boycott

Posted by: Eleven Hour Laborer ( USA ) on January 10, 19100 at 12:25:24:

Mother Theresa
.. there is a story about her.. after Cesar Chavez joined the
boycott of McDonald's for reasons of nonviolence.. the organization
received a reply from her saying that she did not boycott.. she said
the group should
only "spread peace peace peace"

God sometimes tells people to go North.. other times She whispers
the exact opposite.. to go South..
Gandhi can be compared to the north path.. with the boycott
of British goods
while Mother Theresa is the south path .. the path of water..
which follows the way of least resistance.. in humility
and the flexibility of Spirit..

We kept to our boycott.. knowing all paths are holy..

Father Mother God, free all Your creatures from slaughterhouses,
traps, fishing hooks, suffocating nets, rodeo masters,
guard=dog chains, etc. now and forever
Free all your human children from sweatshops and eking out a living

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