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Posted by: i did pick it up ( canada ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:01:39:

the most interesting thing happened at our store.all the cars
on the lot got covered in phamplets from spotlight(well one of its readers), not only the cars but they were thrown all over the lot.i listened to a mother explain to her little son how this was a group who
believed mcdonald's was ruining the enviroment.this lady went
on to explain that they were protecting the future for him.his
comment"hopefully the mcdonald's lady is going to pick up
all that paper for them......just thought i share what a
waste of time that flyer campaign was !!!!!!!!!!!!!

McSpotlight: It's a problem; speaking as someone who has given out leaflets on more than one occasion. Some people just screw them up and drop them on the floor. If they do so while we're in sight, we always pick them up and take them back for recycling. Mind you, the same is true for any printed material.

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