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Grade A Beef

Posted by: Leslie ( Canada ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:17:23:

In Reply to: Why do so many McD's employees visit McSpotlight? posted by anti_ronald on December 21, 1999 at 11:12:58:

: : : : : There is a lot of things that Mac doesn't tell you about their meat. For example the cows are feed dangerous.

: : : : Danagerous what? Explosive grass?

: : : No. Try chicken manure, concrete dust, powdered pharmaceuticals poured directly into the feed, growth hormones, pesticides on the grain which collect in the animals' flesh, and best of all, sheep brains (mad cow disease, it's what's for dinner!).

: : It amazes me how many beef industry/agriculture industry "experts" we have that post messages on this forum. Makes me wonder how many here have actually spent any considerable amount of time on a working farm. By many of the posts I would think very few have.

: : --
: : McSpotlight: Care to examine the evidence we have here on McSpotlight?

: Q: Why do so many McD's employees visit McSpotlight?
: A: Because of the strangle hold Ronald McDonald has on their insignificance lifes causing them to be arguemenative with those whom oppose their Furher,so they defend the lies of McD's. Refer to Hitler and Nazi Germany and you shall see resounding similarities between that and Ronald McDonald and McD's.
: Leave Flick alone, at least her head is screwed on and she's standing up against McD's to be counted.

If you took the time to read the McFood Facts, you would see that they serve (Grade A Beef). McDonald's can not afford to provide a poor product. Yes, I am a crew member at McDonald's and I eat the food. I use to work at Aylmer/Del Monte brands - wanna know what percentage of moth wings are acceptable in cream corn? I have never been a follower (I'm 46 and ought to know by now) and I believe that people work there 'cause they like it.

McSpotlight: And if you read the McFact Card on the environment, it asked you to put polystyrene waste into a separate bin "for recycling into such things as plant pots and coat hangers".

Ed Oakley (Chief Purchasing Officer for McDonald's UK) admitted (in court) that the company had not recycled any of the waste and in fact the polystyrene was "dumped".

McFact cards aren't legally binding.

In addition, have you checked the specs for what legally constitutes 'Grade A' beef - it can still contain BGH, antibiotics, pesticide and dioxin remnants and still qualify as 'Grade A'...

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