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quality is utmost, cleanliness paramount.

Posted by: Leslie ( Canada ) on January 10, 19100 at 13:21:27:

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: McSpotlight: Don't be naive; of course McD's know what goes in to produce their meat; after all, they go for the lowest price available; and that results in minimal "animal welfare". They know; they just don't care.

: Secondly, do you know what PETA and other groups believe better than they do; or are you just ascribing motives to them?

I'd like to say that, no, McD's DOES NOT go for the lowest price available - quality is utmost, cleanliness paramount. I am a lowly crew and when demands have exceeded supply, I've gone to the grocery store and bought the best of the best. McDonald's DOES NOT settle for less. Yes, a very big outfit and all the more likely to be picked on. I eat McD's food when at work (usually free) and feel fuelled. I am 46, part-time, small-town Canadian restaurant for 3 years and enjoy working at McD's - I've worked in many other fields and am educated. As far as part-time jobs go... I enjoy it very much! Teamwork at it's best!

McSpotlight: That's not what your bosses said in court.

Consider also the cleanliness issue;

"A UK 'McFact' card states: "every consignment of beef arriving at the [McKeys] meat plant is subject to a total of 36 quality control checks, carried out by a team of qualified technologists. If a consignment should fail on any one check, it will be rejected by McDonald's." All the raw beef consignments are microbiologically tested, and categorised as 'satisfactory', 'passable', and 'unsatisfactory'. David Walker (Chairman of McKeys, the sole supplier of the company's UK hamburgers) stated that 'unsatisfactory' relates to beef which has a total colony of more than 10 million bacteria per gram. He then admitted that such consignments are, in fact, not rejected and are used for McDonald's burgers."

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