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Brillant expose!

Posted by: Augie Samuels ( Canada ) on January 17, 19100 at 10:44:07:

In Reply to: McD's Sucks! posted by Emily on January 15, 19100 at 11:48:14:

: ...when a cow farts it's like leaving your car on for 15 minutes. They are causeing the global warming because methane traps heat in our atmosphere. Thanks for reading this!

Brillant expose!! This company Is just like the tobacco and gun companys of America who are killing our youg. Mcdonald's with early documents that I have seen knew all about the dangers of thier fast food filh on our children but the high paid ass sitters want profit and money makes the woman go round these pott faced cigar smoking grease balls. Mcdonals will be next to be sued by every state. Lets dig up the flounder Ray Krooks and check him into Peoples top 10 most disgusting monsters of the century.

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