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Look on your own doorstep

Posted by: Andrew T. ( McD, uk ) on January 20, 19100 at 18:29:23:

In Reply to: I didn't say these things WERE psychological violence posted by Carolyn on March 08, 1999 at 11:24:20:

: : I won't correct you because you aren't wrong, but I fail to see how little flags and presents can be viewed as psychological violence. These are merely goods that are bought for cash that the children or their parents pay McDonalds.
: I didn't say these things WERE psychological violence, not in the literal sense. The original poster of this phrase is from Italy, so I think English is a second language and the poster probably meant McDonalds giving "Gifts" to kids so they'll keep on coming back (I don't think brainwashing is the right word here either). Something may have been lost in translation!

For God's sake! Does the 'campaign' organiser have anything better to do? Or do their parents support them while exploiting workers for far less than the Italian minimum wage?
Look on your own doorstep before you start criticising a company who create employment for thousands.

McSpotlight: An industry that creates employments for thousands by slaughtering millions...

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