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Mcdonalds guns tobacco must be eliminated!!

Posted by: jared copland ( norhsire England ) on January 21, 19100 at 12:14:41:

In Reply to: Brillant expose! posted by Augie Samuels on January 17, 19100 at 10:44:07:

disgusting monsters of the century. The animal who bought a good company from the brothers and turned it into a killing machine that equals the talents of John Wayne Gacy. Gacy took his clown persona after Mcdonalds evil clown. The tobacco and gun company's along with Mcdonalds are being investigated by the government as we speak. I predict in 2002 Lawsuits will be settled in every state for our children. Parent of 2 grade school students who eat nothing but sub-sandwiches turkey and lettuce. Boycott and picket your local Mcdonalds and see what happens next. I predict a complete turnaround toward healthy food for our children. Please save our children.

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