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I guess if everyone's doing it than it must be ok to destroy it...

Posted by: Greedstomper on January 28, 19100 at 11:04:30:

In Reply to: A lot of things are environmentally unfriendly posted by HillBilly on January 25, 19100 at 15:07:53:

Sorry, I'll just take this alleged "car" that I supposedly "drive" and hike down to my nearest forest and start cutting down trees. Actually, I don't and will never have a car or learn how to drive one mostly for the environmental reasons. Neither will I ever eat at a MacDonald's again. You asked what people thought I answered - and about our poor rainforest...I guess if everyone's doing it than it must be ok to destroy it......

: : If you can see the meaninglessness and overall crappiness of your job than why do you still work there?

: Cause it gives me something to do while im at TAFE Studying..

: :Can't you see through the "Happy Restaurant" facade that leads to an environmentally-unfriendly,

: A lot of things are environmentally unfriendly, including that shitty little car you drive that runs on leaded petrol, leaks oil and needs a tune up.

: :profit-driven,

: A profit driven company, oh my god that is such a crime, a company that makes money should have there licenses revoked, making money is just not on :)

: :apathetic company underneath? Why do you bother?

: Why do i bother???? Cause maccas is just one big social event, you spend a good portion of your shift talking, joking, stuffing around, and taking on the managers for a good old freezer bash (nuffin like folding someone around a box of fries :) )

: Also, just on monday crew from over 200 stores in New south Wales went into the Sydney Entertainment center for the Maccas Crew Rally. Fully paid by McDonalds Australia, which included entrance and coaches for all stores (over 150 coaches were needed). The rally also featured some of australia's biggest bands and artists: Killing Heidi, ilanda, s2s and Taxi ride. Celebrities from some of Austraila's popular soapies were also featured.

: :Is the money that good?

: At over A$12 an hour, it aint bad, i know people who work in other jobs and get less.

: HillBilly
: "All hyped up after doing a killer grill close"

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: McSpotlight: Speaking personally, I don't drive; neither do I own a car.

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