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Ultra Pasturized Contaminated MIlk

Posted by: renee ( USA ) on January 29, 19100 at 12:20:56:

My 2 year old recently drank rancid milk from Mcdonald's with her happy meal. She became violently ill as a result of food poisoning. This Mcdonald's in Madison, WV, admitted they had been having problems with their milk and there had recently been a recall. Other than admitting that, they took a hostile attitude toward me and refused to give me the phone number for their corporate office. The owner even called my home asking me why i was calling other McDonald's trying to obtain the corporate number. He told me the corporate office would just refer the case back to him anyway. I am appalled that a restaurant would knowingly serve milk they know has been contaminated to unsuspecting children without even a warning. They offered my child no compensation for pain and suffering. Not even a replacement meal. Didn't even offer to refund the purchase price of the contaminated milk they served her. I say mcfuck them. I will never eat at this McDonald's again. Also, a warning to others, it turns out McDonald's uses ultra pasturized milk, which can be up to 50 days old. How safe is this?

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