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doesn't practically every food chain in the world advertise?

Posted by: Ronald on January 30, 19100 at 20:59:49:

In Reply to: It's all a choice. posted by Michael Goss jr on January 29, 19100 at 12:42:36:

Tell me McSpotlight, doesen't burger king also advertise, doesn't denys advertise,doesn't practically every food chain in the world advertise? Degrade one you should degrade them all. But wait, you won't degrade them all, you only go for the biggest and best. Yes McDonalds spends alot of money on advertising, but any, and I mean any, store or manufacture would if they had it to spend. The point your making is valid, but not only for Mcd, but for all fast food chains. You seem to me to be like an ambulance chasing lawyer! You go after the big cases and leave the rest. Why don't you hit Burger king or hardees. If they were bigger then Mcd, you'd be after them and not Mcd. Grow up and get a life!!!

McSpotlight: Actually, we have; check out Burger King in the 'Beyond McDonald's' section of McSpotlight. If Burger King had tried to silence fair criticism with a libel suit, this site might well be called something different now.

As to being ambulance chasers; not at all; we don't make any money out of this; quite the reverse; we have invested a lot of time and money into this site for the public good; and it's because of this that you can access all the information McDonald's would rather you didn't know.

Get this straight right now; we are criticizing the entire fast food industry and the entire meat industry; McDonald's were the biggest representatives of these two industries.

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