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Shocking revelations about McDonalds!

Posted by: Tim North ( England ) on February 01, 19100 at 18:55:36:

It always amazes me to read the writings of those who can be so blind to rape of the world by multi-national giants such as Maccy Dees.

The money in this world is ultimately (it is rumoured) down to less then ten people, if they collapse so do we, we are not talking countries we are talking people. I am all for people power but meglomania as it perpetuates the world today is frankly frightening.

They do not even know the shit they are putting in our burgers, they will test 500 animals with a chemical and fuck the results off as rubbish if they disagree and use the chemical anyway.

the staff are treated like dirt I have seen behaviour from so-called seniors that in my organisation would rsult in dismissal. The arrogance of displaying such bad team work in public shows how much they take us fools for granted, we are the cows in the field that go to the landrover because they are conditioned to do so, and we all know what happens to them

And any way what about mad cow diseaes well..........................

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