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Srewed May I have another please!!

Posted by: Tommy Mudraker ( Harmon Indian ) on February 04, 19100 at 10:42:56:

In Reply to: Employee of 16yrs get SCREWED posted by Screwed on February 03, 19100 at 21:33:10:

Well finally another young key holder held hostage by this filthy example of a fast food restaurant. I've been trying to explain to all the young key holders about exactly what you speak about. The Suits are in it only for the big bucks why the 18-22 year olds do all the customer service and runnning the million dollar unit with little people experience. Only in Mcdonald's can a 18 year old be in charge of a business with little or no people experience or any human life situations. The only concern is clean base boards windows, and parking lot. This was flounders high points. This thing didn't even read P&L or field reports on stores. Brains of a pigion mixed with flower seeds. Its no wonder these units are going down hill and only serve as fast outlets for terrible product. Everyone who has done the Mcdonald's thing knows what goes on behind the filthy arches. Eat ate subway, they use hand wraps and are clean with quality cleanleniss and service. Every day another 18 year old is handed a set of keys. Question? Would a major Football or baseball team hire a 18 to run its operation. Thank you.
: DON"T WORK FOR MCDONALD'S a word of warning they treat employees like shit and respect no one, they try to take advantage of all.

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