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You should study common sense.

Posted by: MDG on February 04, 19100 at 19:44:53:

In Reply to: You should study nutrition and biology! posted by Lars Jonsson on February 03, 19100 at 23:38:36:

: First:
: You should study nutrition and biology! Geneticly, we are meat eaters. So it's the normal guys that eats meat.

As McSpotlight said, we're omnivores. As experience has pointed out, vegetarians are healthier than meat-eaters, therefore, we can obviously give up meat, and be better off for it.

: Second:
: Domestic animals, like cows, sheep, etc., doesn't survive without "our" help and they need to be slaughtered before they get to old. Anything else would be cruelty.

That's the logic of the slave master. Besides, it also makes no sense. You say we need to slit domestic animals' throats in order to be kind. I say, we raised them, and it's our responsibility to see them through their old age and eventual natural death with kindness, not sharp knives.

: Third:
: Who are you to say that cows are unhappy then they don't know what's facing them. The value of life (for a certain "individual") depends partly on his/hers expectations and plans for the future. The higher on "the evolution ladder" that a certain specimen is, the more is that specimens life worth. That's the only sane way to value life. Otherwise every growing object (even plants are alive) would have the same value. And that would mean that you can't eat anything. And that mean that you will die.

Do you anything at all about animals? Have you ever been around one (a live one, I mean, not a hamburger). Animals have emotions and can think and feel both joy and despair. Cows and pigs are terrified in slaughterhouses, because they smell the blood and hear the screams of other animals (doubt that? go visit a slaughterhouse, if you dare).

As for the oft-refuted "plants feel pain" argument, no brain, no pain.

: Best regards, Lars

Lars, try looking at it from the animal's perspective, and it all becomes very different.

: McSpotlight: Actually, we're omnivores. However, given the current levels of population, there are not enough natural resources to sustain everyone on a carnivorous diet; if everyone in the world ate a Western diet, the natural resources left would last 13 years...

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