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The ladder of evolution - what a frightening thought

Posted by: Cow Protection Society on February 08, 19100 at 17:11:39:

In Reply to: You should study nutrition and biology! posted by Lars Jonsson on February 03, 19100 at 23:38:36:

: there have been many intellectual responses to your response. I just have a point about the evolution ladder that you quote. We are not that fantastic on the evolution score because we are fast making ourselves and many other animal life forms extinct.

We have evolved in a steep curve since prehistoric times and have to keep adapting to our world (due to the mess we make of it).

If you think we are so high on the evolution ladder how come we have to protect our skin, shade our eyes, moisturise our bodies etc etc. How come we have taken so many anti biotics that our bodies are immune to them?

How come we fight, kill, murder, maime and are selfish? We're great aren't we?

I am not having a downer on the human race - far from it, we have discovered countries, explored space, saved millions of lives. BUT we have to put into context as soon as you talk about a hierachy you are on a wobbly path.

Take a look at the shark, so perfect for its purpose that it hasn't evolved (significantly) since prehistoric times. The same with many creature (the komodo dragon)

We are not superior nor underneath we are all in the same pea pod we are all animals and when we forget that thats when the problems start.



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