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Yet more denials from a half-cooked Swedish meatball.

Posted by: MDG on February 09, 19100 at 17:26:12:

In Reply to: Bullshit, you don't get Cancer from meat! posted by Lars on February 09, 19100 at 11:16:22:

Lars, who seems to work for the meat industry, continues to overlook the fact that meat-eaters suffer from a higher incidence of cancer, heart disease, and other ailments than vegetarians. Unless one has a Swedish meatball for a brain, it's impossible to ignore the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the American Dietetic Association have endorsed vegetarian diets. Studies have also shown that vegetarians have stronger immune systems than meat-eaters and that meat-eaters are almost twice as likely to die of heart disease, 60 percent more likely to die of cancer, and 30 percent more likely to die of other diseases. The consumption of meat and dairy products has been conclusively linked with diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, clogged
arteries, obesity, asthma, and impotence.

"Scientific data suggest positive relationships between a vegetarian
diet and reduced risk for obesity, coronary artery disease,
hyper-tension, diabetes mellitus, and some types of cancer." --
American Dietetics Association

For a fuller description, see http://www.vsdc.org/health.html

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