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Meat: Hell on animals, hell on the environment.

Posted by: MDG on February 09, 19100 at 23:27:49:

Aside from the negative health consequences of eating meat, it is beyond dispute that the meat industry involves extreme cruelty to animals, and is devastating to the environment. While some people may find it "childish" to care about animals (go figure), it is in all of our interests to care about the environment.

Factory Farm Photos . Warning: these are very disturbing.

Treatment of beef cows

Treatment of chickens

Treatment of dairy cows and veal calves

Treatment of pigs

Treatment of egg-laying hens

Treatment of fish

Meat production and the environment #1

Meat production and the environment #2

Meat production and global hunger

If after viewing all of the above, you still want to eat meat, then that is your choice, but at least you will know the ugly truth behind the meat industry and Ronald McDonald's smiling face.

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