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Vegans - Obsessed by death and slaughter...

Posted by: LEJ on February 14, 19100 at 11:45:19:

Studying your messages it seems that many of you seem to be obsessed by death, murder and slaughter. Why? Are you obsessed?

Study this:

Retreat from vegetarianism
By Mark Morris
Senior Registrar in Psychotherapy in Middlesex
BMJ 1995;310:880 (1 April)

"Gradually becoming disillusioned with my motives for being vegetarian, I allowed my membership of the Vegetarian Society to lapse and threw away my badges with their "Meat means murder" and "Keep death off the dinner plate" slogans. There was, however, one final realisation that concluded the chapter. While I was idly looking at magazines in a newsagent, a new vegetarian title caught my attention. I bought it and was disturbed to find several advertisements for meat free products sporting pictures of animals in various stages of slaughter. The copy went along the lines of "You don't want this, so buy X brand tasty rissoles." It seemed absurd. If you want to look at graphic pictures of animals being slaughtered, look in a vegetarian magazine. It occurred to me that the reason for being vegetarian was topsy turvy. Many vegetarians see their choice as a protest against society's violence, yet they are more fascinated by it than non-vegetarians. So who is the most brutal--Joe who eats his barbecue sausage without a thought or Sid who ponders endlessly the poor animal that died horribly upside down, was dismembered, ground up, and cooked with fat rendered by another grisly process that he could describe in detail?

There is, however, one consolation to 10 years of ascetisism and that is learning to sin again. There is the joy of discovering anew the rich and complex meaty tastes available: the pungency of Manx kippers, the bouquet of Aberdeen Angus steak, the meaty spice of Cumberland sausage, and so on. My coronary arteries may not agree."

Mark Morris

McSpotlight: The converse is true of meat eaters; at a protest outside McDonald's in Exeter last October the 16th, people dining inside complained at the pictures being held by the protestors outside; because the sight of pictures of dead livestock was putting them off their dinner...of dead livestock.

Can you say 'double standard'?

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