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What is the real status?

Posted by: Lindsay Maddox ( U.S.A ) on February 14, 19100 at 12:12:34:

McDonalds has had to take some real rag lately. Now i am not backing them up. I am trying to simply state what my opinion is on the corporation. Accusations have been proven to be true, and yes they probably are true. Yet, does that undermine the whole operation, or does it say something about the particular place the incident happened in. Maybe it is managements responsibility or maybe someone just was careless and lazy. McDonalds has had some terrific sales with their pitches "have you had a break today" or "Did somebody say McDonalds."
Is this really true. Do you want to go there. With the food service, yes. With the food preparation, no. The quality has gone down but the quantity had gone up. Some people are more worried about what they sell than how they sell it. It seems to me, though, that McDonalds is the exact opposite. It is all a matter of opinion. If you like eating there eat there. If you don't you have many other options such as Burger King, Wendy's, and Steak and Shake. McDonalds is providing a positive role model on kids. If you don't appreciate that. Oh Well. So i ask you one question in your stress free lives. Have you had your break today?

McSpotlight: Marketing is what McDonald's specialise in; they spend well over $2 billion a year on advertising. Whether any fast food is 'good' for you is something that all of the fast food chains are surprisingly quiet about in public.

However, what companies like McDonald's say behind the scenes is:

"McDonald's should attempt to deflect the basic negative thrust of our critics.....How do we do this? By talking 'moderation and
balance'. We can't really address or defend nutrition. We don't sell nutrition and people don't come to McDonald's for nutrition".

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