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Neither does cruelty to animals

Posted by: MDG on February 14, 19100 at 20:32:57:

In Reply to: Hate doesn't make the world better... posted by Lars on February 11, 19100 at 00:50:07:

: You like to twist words, do you?

Is that the best response you can come up with (time after time after time)? Answer the evidence, or shut up.

: The reason for me to show that I belonged to the majority was not that it make my views right (even if I think they are), the reason was because you seemed surpriced about my views, which I think is strange just because the most people have them (my views about eating meat).

Again, simply asserting that more people think X than Y is not proof of anything beyond who believes what. At one point more people thought the Earth was flat, not round. Were they right? Also, let me say this one more time: I'm not surprised more people like meat than don't. I grew up a meat eater, Lars. I live in a meat eating world. Stop putting words in my mouth.

: That you are genteticly coded to partly eat meat make my views (at least biologicly) right. The scientists and your own body all agrees about the fact that you are coded to eat a "fare" consisting partly of meat. Their is some essential amino acids and some essential fatty acids that only (natural) can be found in meat.

I've already provided links proving otherwise, and I and millions of other healthy vegetarians and vegans are LIVING PROOF one does not need meat in order to survive.

: How come I am one of the worst meateater you have met? Are you not used to that "our kind" fight back. The most people have exactly my views then it comes to slaughter and eat meat, why am I the worst?

Your kind fights back? Wake up, Lars: your kind has all the money and power behind it. My kind is doing all the fighting. As for you, I called you among the worst because you ignore all the evidence I put forth, and you've already said that those who feel compassion for animals are "chidish."

: By the way:
: You didn't answer the question what we shall do with old and sick animals? Retirement homes or what? Are you paying?

: The only thing you've said is that we have the responsibility to care for them. What do you mean by responsibility? How should we care? Should we feed them to other animals?

Yeah, that's what we should do. *rolls eyes* No Lars, I'm saying that if you bring an animal into this world on purpose, you have a resonsibility to take care of it for the rest of its life, including feeding and housing it. If you don't want that responsibility, don't breed animals.

:That's one of the natures own way to take care of old and sick animals. Another one is just leave them to die.

Yes -- in the wild. Once man gets involved, as in "livestock," the rules change; see above.

: Mankind has bean an all eater from the day that we put a foot on the earth. The most archgeologists agrees about that, even though I believe you have your own truth about that too.

Mankind may have started out as an omnivore; he certainly didn't eat meat in the quantity we do today. But as I've said time after time, manking has changed in a lot of ways over the years; it's called moral progress.

: When it comes to meat eaters, vegeterians, and health, I think that I have shown elsewhere (on this site) that there is NO evidence about that meat is unhealthy.

You've only shown that you see what you want to see and ignore the rest. I've presented a great deal of evidence that vegetarianism is healthier than eating meat, and you shut your eyes to it. That's your choice, but ignoring reality doesn't make it go away, try as you may.

:There is a clear correspondence between weight and health, I can agree with you about that. But if you take two humans with the only difference in eating meat or not, there is NO evidence. This doesn't, however, change the fact that vegetables are good for you.

: Best regards, // Lars

Be kind to animals: go vegetarian, // MDG

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