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Posted by: Lars on February 15, 19100 at 13:28:25:

In Reply to: Suggestion for Lars: debate the issues posted by MDG on February 14, 19100 at 20:32:46:


My response to your links, was:

"Of course you can find abused animals at slaugherhouses (I'm sorry for that!), as you can find abused children in homes (I'm sorry for that too!). But I believe that what you need is goodlegislation around breading and slaughtering of animals. Because we (the most humans) will always be normal and that means eating a fare consisting partly of meat. Why? Becausewe're humans and that is what humans eat."

I haven't said that animals always are well treated at slaughterhouses, but I believe that they can be (and that you need a good legislation to ensure it). Since I believe that's okey to kill animals to eat, and that it's because we (the humans) have a higher value, it is not the slaughter that make me ill. It's the mistreatment (if they do get mistreated) and your way to use pictures of mistreated animals that make me sick.

As much as I believe that animals are misstreated out there, I also believe that there are slaughterhouses that doesn't mistreat the animals. Of course you don't agree with me since you think that all slaughter is wrong. I know that already! I have seen "good" slaugherhouses, and I have seen animals get slaughtered in private (out in a farm).

One picture doesn't prove that every animal is mistreated, it's only show your bad taste. I can show you pictures on well treated animals, which I think you also have over-there. If you think that your pictures is evidence how every animal is treated, I thank you for teaching me how real your evidence is. If you think that every animal is mistreated just because you have pictures of a few, then you don't know what proof are.

I agree with you that the debate is meaningless, but it is meaningless because you twist everything. You should study nutrition at university level. But I guess you're happy with your pictures.

When it comes to your proofs (references), I have shown the opposite with my references, just showing how good your evidence is. My references is no worse than yours, one of mine is a review (comparing 12 different studies) for instance.

I haven't said that vegetarians are unhealthy. From where have you got that? Twisting my words again? What i have said that meat is (can be) healthy (depending on things like fat-content, etc), and that is not the same as that eating a vegetarian fare is unhealthy. Of course there is millions of healthy vegeterians out there, as there are million of healthy all-eaters. That is my point.

// Lars

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