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anti_ronald, obsessed by desire for dead ronald

Posted by: anti_ronald ( Down Under ) on February 17, 19100 at 13:20:52:

In Reply to: Doctors, obsessed by disease. Firemen, obsessed by fire. Anti-vegans, obsessed by desire for dead flesh. posted by MDG on February 14, 19100 at 16:28:01:

: : Studying your messages it seems that many of you seem to be obsessed by death, murder and slaughter. Why? Are you obsessed?

: You accuse vegans, vegetarians, and people who care about animals of being obsessed with the death (of animals), murder (you're being redundant, so let's say torture, of animals) and slaughter (redundant for the third time, but let's say brutalization) of animals. We find cruelty to animals wrong, and you have the audacity to ask why? Are we somehow misguided? Is cruelty to animals acceptable?

: : Study this:

: [rationalization of no longer caring about what happens to animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses, snipped].

: Your question is so insulting as to be beyond the pale. We are opposed to factory farms and slaughterhouses because we feel it is morally wrong. This is not obsession, it's principle.

: Human rights activists (and most animal rights activists are also human rights activists) are opposed to the torture of humans on moral grounds -- would you say they're obsessed about trivial things such as electric shock torture, or gang rape of female political prisoners? How absurd!

: Environmentalists (again, you'll find many animal rights activists in this camp) are opposed to pollution and the destruction of the natural world. Does fighting for clean air and clean water sound obsessive to you? If so, maybe you should go live in a toxic waste dump.

: You are attempting to smear a relatively new political movement with the term "obsessed" because you disagree with it, but it won't wash. I would say, however, that you are so obsessed with meat eating that you've chosen to ignore the cruelty to animals inherent in meat production.

: Talk about obsessed! You'd rather stuff dead flesh into your body than actually examine how animals are turned into meat for your pleasure. That's sad.

Doctors, obessed by disease. Firemen, obsessed by fire. Anti-vegans, obsessed by desire for dead flesh. ANTI-RONALD, OBSESSED BY DESIRE FOR DEAD RONALD!

PS: Check out 'Captitalism as a whole' by Tom Chapman and my own 'Adolf Hitler is Ronald McDonald'

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