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McDonalds is NOT ok

Posted by: joAnne ( USA ) on February 17, 19100 at 13:21:49:

NOT EVERYONE ENJOYS GOING TO MCDONALDS!!! especially not vegans like me. besides the mass slaughter of livestock they murder, they kill off thousands of rainforest creatures in the process!! not to mention the millions of human lives they take by serving cancer and clogged arteries in a "happymeal". that is not even food, let alone good food! and by the way-- of course another corporation is going to destroy rainforest land evenif we stop mcmurder...but thats the point in boycotting it!! to eventually eliminate ALL rainforest indusry...not just one business. and dont just say: thats unrealistic thinking...because the only way that is true is if there are too many people out there that think like you...and only you can change that. so its up to you- are you a guilty party or not? if you arent part of the solution youre part of the problem....the boycotting will not end until either rainforest clearcutting does or there is no longer a rainforest to clearcut... because we all know one of the two has to happen..lets hope its the latter...

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