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You are pathetic, and a liar, and a fool.

Posted by: MDG on February 17, 19100 at 18:17:00:

In Reply to: What evidence? posted by Lars on February 17, 19100 at 10:25:37:

: : "Answer the evidence, or shut up."

: What evidence? You haven't put up with anything that even slightly is like evidence. I start to doubt that you knew what evidence is.

I've given you links which describe how terrible factory farm conditions are. I've given you links which describe the environmental toll meat production takes on the environment. I've given you links showing the eating meat is a risk factor for many diseases. You ignore or deny them all. That's pathetic.

: The reason why I respond with "You like to twist words.." is because that is the only thing you seem to be really good at and also do all the time.

Whatever you say, Lars old boy.

: If anybody of us has shown evidence that's me, but whatever I state (or write) you twist it around or doesn't seem to even notice my proof. I'm glad it's not your kind that governs...

Whatever you say, Lars old boy.

: The academic world (when it comes to food chemistry and nutrition) agrees with me. You only have to look in an university level text book in order to find out that I'm right. So where are your proof, some pictures and a bad text you found somewhere?

You are pathetic.

: You are genetecly coded to eat meat, it will take longer time than your lifetime to change that, I'm sorry for you that you have problems with your own "path".

Whatever you say, Lars old boy. You really are pathetic, and I'm through talking to a brick wall like you.

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