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Judge? You haven't put forward any evidence!

Posted by: Lars on February 18, 19100 at 00:50:15:

In Reply to: Let the readers judge for themselves posted by MDG on February 17, 19100 at 18:20:53:

: Maybe it's because Lars' father raises sheep, or maybe it's because Lars worked in a slaughterhouse apparently with no regrets, but no matter what evidence I've offered him, including written and photographic, his standard response has been to tell me I'm twisting his words, or that I'm lying. He's entitled to whatever opinion makes him happy.

Offer evidence? Your evidence (pictures, links to homepages, etc) sucks and you know it! Your links, www.factoryfarming.com, www.meatstinks.com, www.enviroweb.org, etc., does have credability close to a comic strip.

: Why Meat is a Risk Factor in Many Diseases.

Here you give what's looks like good (and reliable) links. But is this proof? Does these links prove that you're right and I'm wrong when it comes to eating meat? The answer is no!!! The only thing your links prove is that you don't "check" your own references!

One example is your link to what you call the National Cancer Institute's Dietary Guidelines. You say I should notice how meat isn't among the recommended foods. Sorry for you, but meat is among recommended foods (Go there!). You should read your references more carefully! The Institute even state (Go there!) that EXPERTS AGREE that you should INCLUDE MEAT if you want to eat in a way to stay healthy and have a lower cancer risk. And look at this, which is the same institute's Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults. Here IS also meat included. Why? Because, meat is healthy of course! I'm right as usual!!! Sorry!

Another example. You also link to Imperial Cancer Reserch Fund, and there to a page about that meat-eaters is more likely to become fat than non meat-eaters. Is that new? I have stated almost the same in earlier messages. But that meat-eaters as a group often is more obese DOESN'T prove that meat (itself) is dangerous. You have to take more factors in consideration. You should study my references (from previous messages), they will discribe this for you. Or you should try to read my old messages again.

The same Imperial Cancer Reserch Fund states (on another "page") that either bowel, breast, prostate, lung and stomach cancer are significant lower among vegetarians than for meat-eaters (Go there!). Sorry for you, but the only scientific links you gave really talks my language!!! Sorry!

: Still Not Convinced?

: How To Win an Argument with a Meat Eater

You seem to need to learn som new ones yourself!!! Your arguments really sucks!!! Please, read through your own references next time before you describe them as evidence for your "sick views". And try study nutrition, or why not learn one or a few real facts from U.S Food and Drug Administration. They (as the most health and food institutions all over the world) recommend a fare including meat. And that is not because meat is dangerous or that they are "bribed" by the meat industry (that you seem to think about everyone that doesn't agree with you). Meat is healthy, that is the truth!!!

/// Lars

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