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Posted by: Lars on February 18, 19100 at 20:27:57:

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: McSpotlight: The Defendants asked Dr Sydney Arnott (McDonald's expert on cancer) his opinion of the following statement: "A diet high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals is linked with cancer of the breast and bowel and heart disease".

I agree with that statement!!! It is dangerous to eat a fare with to much fat, salt, or meat. And to little of things like vitamins, minerals, and fibre. The most things (inclucing water and oxygen) is dangerous if to much. It's important to think about what you eat, including all the strange ingredients (colours, artificial sugars, etc.) that "they" put into food today. But meat isn't a dangerous in itself. It can be part of a healthy dinner as well as an unhealthy one. It's your choice!!!

: -it is fair to say that the jury is still out on whether eating meat causes cancer.

I can agree about that too! There are a "jury" out there! Institutions like the FDA, have responsibility to collect and judge reports about health hazzards, etc. But so far they only have found other factors (like fat, smoking, to little fiber, etc.), than meat, to cause cancer. Looking at my references you see that even Cancer institutions recommend meat to be included in a healthy diet. However, that doesn't mean that building your life around McDonalds is good for you...

// Lars

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