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A debt of gratitude

Posted by: David Handley ( Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 11:50:25:

Dear all,

It seems to me that you have it all wrong.

Rather than critising McDonalds...you should be thanking them.

You see...the way I look at it the world is becoming flooded with low intelligence people, that through their purchasing habits, are encouraging the likes of McDonalds to peddle their wares.
By eating McMuck Food, they are surely going to reduce their life expectancy, and therefore reduce the demands of their like.

I say - Thank you McDonalds...and put more fat and less goodness in your fast food. Eat up low IQ people - yum yum.

Happy Mcfeasting.


Another believer.

McSpotlight: Isn't that a bit narrow-minded and intolerant?

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