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Atari Teenage Riot

Posted by: Amber ( Australia ) on February 23, 19100 at 12:49:41:

A few months ago, I went to a music festival called the big day out. One of the bands that performed were atari Teenage Riot. I went to see them for they are one of my favourite bands. Alec Empire, the lead singer went on to tell us how us, the consumer, are lied to every day by those big fuckers (for example McButtocks and coca-cola). As child, my mum wouldn't let me eat McDonalds, nor would she let me work there- good onya mum!!!! McDonalds do have a right to sell their products but us as the consumer should be informed. If McDonalds are allowed to sell us lies every single fucking year to make x billions of dollars, shouldn't we have the right AS THE FUCKING CONSUMER TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?!

McDonalds sickens me, their lil happy meals with the el cheapo toys (probably made by some exploited underdeveloped nation) which suck lil kids in. Everyone knows the the first Ronald McDonald was a paedophile, who's to say that that the thousands who are employed by maccas each year aren't as well?

Alec told everyone to fight for the cause, bomb McDonalds. baby if I had enough cash and resourses I would do just that!

McSpotlight: The toys are made by (among others) Keyhinge Toys in Da Nang, Vietnam in dangerous and unhealthy conditions.

However, does violence against people in the name of a cause ever really advance that course?

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